Meet our team

The Chinto Karate Group is a family based club who caters for individuals with a vast range of abilities/disabilities and is, rightly, proud of its coaches. 

 We have qualified male and female coaches who are passionate about helping our members succeed, they understand how important it is for our members to train within a friendly group and will ensure each student feels welcome and safe regardless of their reason for attending or background. 

 The CKG offers various training sessions and also gives students the opportunity to train on a one to one level if needed. No matter age, rank, ability or gender all our students are treated as equals and respect is shown towards every student. 

 All instructors are: Fully insured, enhanced DBS checked, First aid certified and attend regular child protection courses. 

 Scroll down for a brief bio of each coach.



(6th dan) head coach

I started training, in Gt. Yarmouth, in 1990 when  my sister persuaded me to join the group.  To begin with I preferred Kumite, as this is where I excelled. Over the years I came to realise the importance of Kata and how beneficial it is to our training as well as our state of mind.  Knowing how much time, effort and dedication goes into getting them right, there's nothing I like better than seeing a Kata performed well.  Over the years I have also participated in Tae Kwon Do and Mauy Thai lessons but my true passion is Karate.

I have won many trophies and medals in Kumite at local competitions as well as at a National level with the AMA (Amateur Martial Association).  I am World Silver Medalist in Team Kata as part of the NMAC (National Martial Arts Committee) Great Britain team. I have also been part of the coaching team for the AMA and NMAC GB

I currently hold the title of AMA Disability Inclusion Officer and I am passionate about ensuring our Karate is inclusive regardless of age, gender, ability or disability.

The greatest benefit I have gained from my training is the mental development.  It has helped me to be more positive, both inside and outside the Dojo, and enabled me to have better understanding of myself and helping me to deal better with stressful situations. I now recognise what I can achieve with hard work and dedication and the confidence I have gained, through my training, has enabled me to pursue my goals in life.

My ultimate goal is to ensure that our students are happy, in the environment they train in, as well as helping each individual reach their full potential.  I enjoy being there and helping them at every step of the journey they take to reach their own ultimate goal. 

Some of my proudest moments were when some of our students earned a place in the NMAC BG team and AMA England Team with opportunities to travel to prestigious competitions all over the world, seeing our students standing on podiums including World and European Champions as well as Silver and Bronze Medalists and watching one of our children holding the GB flag and leading the team out onto the tatami (Traditional Japanese mat) during the opening ceremony at the World Games.

Favourite Movies: Absolutely Fabulous, Karate Kid and Who will love my children.  Favourite Bands: Status Quo, Bon Jovi & Queen.  Hobbies: Running, spending quality time with family and friends and cycling.

Brent arms folded



I started Karate in 1993 at ESKA in Gt. Yarmouth.  I was heavily influenced by my Dad and his army karate background, and my grandads boxing.  Today my main influences are from Chojiro Tani, Shigeru Kimuro, Stan Knighton, Thes M Morris, Earle Montague, Terry Pottagr, Tom Beardsley and Shaun T Insanity.

In my opinion there are so many benefits to Karate.  This style of Martial Art enables you to grow into your body.   Let me explain myself; for many, the normal life process is like a flower you blossom then slowly die.  Buy truly practising Karate as you get older your body and mind can get stronger with age.  I obviously prefer the 'get stronger' option.  I also love the feeling of life force flowing in my body, and progressing my training.  There is so much more to learn, exciting times are ahead.

I don't tend to enter competitions as I feel the greatest benefits an be gained by competing against yourself

I don't believe in having an ultimate goal as I beleive Karate is not fighting its living strong. I wish to keep progressing.

I have been asked, "What make the Chinto Karate Group better"? To me there is one overriding reason, and that's Tracy, our Head Coach.

For many years I generally felt ill, but just put up with it.  Then a few years ago it got really bad, so I went to the doctor's and was diagnosed type 2 diabetic.  It was a really difficult 2 years, but I completely changed my lifestyle by doing everything they recommended.  Eventually it just disappeared and I am cured.  Combining this with the mental and physical regime of Karate helps me feel like I am 25 again, amazing results.

Favourite movies : 5th Element, Star Wars and Mortdecai 2, Favourite bands ; The Who, The Jam and music from the 70s.  Hobbies : Running, cocktail making (and tasting of course), music, fitness, design and technology.



(3rd dan) Coach

I started my time in martial arts 14/15 years ago having promised my Daughter that when she became Black belt I would start.

I am currently a Sandan (3rd Dan) at Shukokai Karate with CKG, but I also achieved 1st Dan in Taekwondo at a previous club.Of the main elements of karate I have a preference  for Kata as I believe it shows all aspects of your given style. 

I have competed at World and European level with Team GB, National Champion at club level with CKG,Whilst with Team GB gained 2 silver and 3 Bronze medals. 

I would say the greatest benefit of Martial Arts is the friendships you develop through your journey as well as meeting fellow Martial artists from around the world.  My main goal is to pass on things I have learnt from other Martial artists to new students. 

Personally I would say CHINTO Karate Group is the best school you can attend as a family group.  We have had many Families train together. 

 When competing for Team GB I was able to compete alongside my Daughter in many Beautiful places around the World but by far the best was being able to compete along with my youngest Child this alone made me very proud to see how far my once shy Child had grown. 

Favourite movies : The Ghost and the Darkness, Red Dawn,and Tomorrow when war began   Favourite bands : Rainbow & Deep Purple.  Hobbies : my Family, my Dogs and Darts.

Cassie arms folded


(2nd dan) coach

I started karate training at my school, Greenacre primary, in 2001, when I was 4 years old.  When the club started I wanted to try something new and find something I enjoyed.  At the time I was going through a rough time at home and at school, so it helped me physically and mentally and emotionally.

As well as karate I started kickboxing in October 2021 and I am waiting for my grade to be decided.

 I don't have any specific preference when it comes to kata, kumite or kihon because I enjoy it all and I'm always happy to learn more.

I have competed several times and have many national titles I also achieved the following:  

Team GB, Austria: 3 silvers and 3 bronze in world games, Canada: 4 x world champion for world games, South Africa: 1x world champion at world games. 

AMA England squad; Malta: 1 x Silver medal at European championships, Dundee Scotland: 1 xWorld Champion. 

Karate has helped me improve physically, emotionally and socially.  It has also allowed me to understand how to live a good life from the inspiration of my instructor and have created a second family who I know are always willing to help and there when you need them.  Karate helped me to be resilient and strong and helped me to understand who I am.  

I don’t have an ultimate goal as I plan to continue training and working hard, I love helping others coming into training and hope to continue travelling and competing for my country internationally and nationally. I would like to improve my kumite.  

I think for me personally what makes the Chinto Karate Group so different is that everybody helps each other and everyone is fully invested in karate especially the instructor, Tracy.  

The club always has a positive vibe and atmosphere.  Tracy and the club have helped me massively through my life both with karate and outside of karate and has always been there for me when I needed support. 

 A few of my funniest stories are when we went to squad training in Attleborough, Tracy used the disabled toilet and the toilet had a string to pull what she assumed was to pull to flush the chain, however, turns out she pulled the alarm instead we were in stitches for hours.  The second funniest story was when I went to Malta, I competed in the weapons section which we created a kata for, when we arrived, we found out it was a traditional kata section so we made a name on the spot, I couldn’t look over at Tracy as I knew I would burst out laughing when introducing it. 

Favourite bands : Caswell, Abba, Indie Rock.  Favourite movies : Mamma Mia, titanic and Paulie.  Hobbies :  swimming, music, arts and crafts, lifeguarding and swim teaching, traveling and outdoor and adventure activities.



(4th Dan) coach

I started Karate in 2000 2000 with my 2 children who both went on and achieved their black belts !at Lynn Grove High School (in the dining room which made life interesting ) in order to give me confidence whilst out walking alone especially within towns and cities.

Of all the aspects of karate I prefer to practice Kihon (traditional techniques) and Kata.

I haven't entered many competitions but I did come 1st in a local Kata competition. 

I believe that the greatest benefits of karate are increased self awareness and confidence as well as maintaining fitness and flexibility   You can also build strong and lasting friendships.

  It would be nice to proclaim that I have an ultimate karate goal but, to be honest, all I want is to continue training and give back the support and knowledge to others.  I especially enjoy teaching the very young as they are able to pick the techniques so quickly

I think the things that makes The Chinto Karate Group different is the acceptance of people from all walks of life and the fact that no one is egotistical and everyone is welcoming.  Everyone is treated individually

  Originally my children trained with me all the way to achieving their black belts, both at a young age, in fact being the first and youngest black belts under Tracy’s direction,but for various reasons have moved on to other things.  Funniest moment - being able kick high enough to hit Claire Gibbs in the eye with a round house.  

If I were to include any regrets it's would be that I wish I had started sooner.

Favourite movies : Top gun, Forrest Gump & Johnny English. Favourite bands : Stevie Wonder, Adele & Otis reading. Hobbies : Reflexology, gardening & spending time with family



(2nd dan) coach

I watched a BBC documentary called Way of the Warrior in 1983 (link) about Higaonna Sensei and then I saw the Karate Kid in 1984.  From then on was obsessed.  I started Karate in September 1985 at the original location of ESKA at the International High School, on Great Yarmouth seafront.  Sadly I had to stop training in 1997 due to injury.   Much later, after meeting Tracy at a fundraiser, I was persuaded and, after a, 17 year break, I joined The Chinto Karate Group in November 2014. 

 My preferred aspect of karate is Kumite as it gives you the opportunity to test your skills and knowledge in a controlled manner.  However since returning I have a far greater respect and appreciation of kata.  

To me the greatest benefits I have gained from karate are physical exercise, mental wellbeing and camaraderie. 

I don't have a specific, ultimate karate goal as I subscribe to the thoughts of the great Master, Gichin Funakoshi;  "The ultimate aim of the art of Karate lies not in victory nor defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants".

The Chinto Karate Group stands out for me because of its' friendly approach and family feeling. 

One of most memorable Karate memories was visiting Naha, Okinawa in 2019, after a 30+ year wait.  During my 10 day trip I visited numerous places including the Shuri castle and the Dojo bar.  I also witnessed  a demonstration by Sakamato Sensei (9th Dan) 3 x WKF kata champion and Kiyuna Sensei (Sakamoto's No. 1 student) 3 x WKF kata champion and Olympic Kata champion at the Okinawan Budokan (the original home of karate in Okinawa).  To cap it all I managed to train myself in the Okinawan Kaiken (the new home of karate in Okinawa) performing all Chinto Karate combinations, Pinan Kata’s, Bassai Dai and Empi.

 Favourite bands : The Specials, M-People and Rag-N-Boneman, Favourite movies : Highlander, Karate Kid Part 2 and Roadhouse, Hobbies :  Cars!! I am a petrol head at heart and have started to get into track days having just bought myself a dedicated track car. 

Brad arms folded

SANDAN ho 三段 補足

3rd dan (provisional) junior coach

I started karate training when I was 4 years old at the Mill lane community centre. My sister used to train as well and I really wanted to and was jealous I couldn’t. 

Kumite sparring is my favourite aspect as it’s just the most fun by far to me. 

I’ve competed in a few in Norwich and got a 2nd and a 3rd place. 

Karate has helped boost my confidence and flexibility. 

My main goal is to be comfortably able to defend myself. 

I have always found the Chinto Karate group to be a really nice and supportive community.  Chinto is a great place where I get to train hard at the same time as having fun, there’s a good balance between sparring katas etc, my favourite part of karate is the sparring but doing kata can be quite relaxing physically.

I used to swim often and play guitar.

Scarlet arms folded

Ikkyū 一級 

1st Kyu Assistant coach (Adapted)

Hi my name is Scarlett, I am assistant Karate Coach for Adapted students at CKG. 

Previously I was green belt in Taekwondo at another club. 

I started Karate when Tracy opened a class for adapted students, and loved it.  I am now in training for my 1st Dan grading and love helping my fellow students. 

When not training I have my dog for company.I like Horror films, and have many music likes Ariana Grande is my favourite.


Sankyū 三級 

3rd Kyu Web editor

I started karate training in 1992, climbed to the dizzy rank of 3rd Kyu and then promptly left in 1995.  I still can't remember why I gave up, but I do know that I now regret it.  At that time my best friend from school ran the ESKA club Norwich, so I would drive over there every week, with my daughter to train.

In 2021 my Grandson decided that he fancied trying Karate and I said I would help him find a good club.  After trying, and rejecting, two other local 'establishments' we discovered Tracy and the CKG.  I immediately realised that this was the right club for Joseph.  Proper appreciation of warm-ups and cool-downs, true traditional Karate (rather than a mixture of martial arts), no obsession with fees and a lovely warm welcome in the Dojo.  I had no intention of restarting, but Tracy soon changed my mind and managed to rekindle the desire I had all those years ago.

 Kata was, and always will be, my preferred aspect of Karate.  However, since restarting I have discovered a love for Kobudō (traditional weapons) and the Tonfa especially.

To me Karate is like 'Engineered Exercise'. The need for precision, control and power makes you understand your body and your limits better than any gym workout.  I returned to Karate just after my 61st Birthday and I feel healthier, fitter and more flexible now than I have for years.

My ultimate karate goal is to get myself back to the knowledge level I had in 1995 and then progress further so that I can help coach at the club.

It makes me smile to think that started training with my daughter when she was 9, all those years ago, and it is her son, aged 9, that got me back to training 25 years later

 Favourite movies : Gladiator, Avatar and Wall-e, Favourite bands ; Mike Oldfield, Pink Floyd and Barclay James Harvest, Hobbies : Motorcycling, Blood Bikes, Overland travel, photography and videography